We buy & scale marketing software
companies, using our unique formula

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You built some badass software, but now
your company is hitting a plateau because
you haven't mastered marketing

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We buy part or all of your software company

Why partner with GrowthSpree
Founder can stay or
go, we're flexible
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We supercharge your
marketing & team
Simple, quick deals
with cash upfront

We provide your company with an
experienced CMO

We're a team of Mad Scientist marketers & CEOs. We mix our unique marketing formula & team scaling skills with your existing software & process to create magic.

Our Unique Marketing Formula

We do 3 things differently to make sure that the legacy of what you've built scales & succeeds

Focus on Niche
Customer Audiences

"We believe that "the riches are in the niches". If you don't already have one, we zero in on a hyper specific target audience to focus on.

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Implement our famous C.A.S.H. Hybrid Business Model

Unfortunately, most customers think that software should be free or cheap. Our C.A.S.H. business model is a way to position your software as something people are ready to pay for TODAY!


We manage communities of over 200,000 entrepreneurs & small businesses looking to grow their business. We already have relationships with your ideal customers, let us introduce them to your software.

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We like to buy software that is...

Generating $0-$50k per month
Created to help small business do better marketing or sales
Low maintenance (you're probably not spending full time on it)

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